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There are a lot of words to describe my incredible educational travel

There are a lot of words to describe my incredible educational travel in one of the prospering and unusual countries in East Asia. But it is much more difficult to express my delight with one word, which could describe and convey all those impressions, knowledge, emotions which I gathered during two weeks spent in South Korea.

In mighty Russian there is a unique word, which can deliver all range of events, and this word is "amazing".

Amazing country, trip, people, program, events ….

Everything has started with an amazing announcement of a competition on participation in winter school of "SolBridge" university. The program is designed for twenty people, but only for ten participants, who have passed the competitive selection, IAB could cover the most part of trip expenses. I decided to participate and submitted all necessary documents for competition. After one week the answer that I passed has come. I cannot express all my happiness in words, because it was possible only to dream of such trip. I started to prepare documents for visa, collect suitcase, and read articles about history and culture of South Korea.

On December, 3 our delegation has arrived to Daejeon city. Our incredible program has begun with the moment, when we have crossed a threshold of SolBridge University. I was conquered by the atmosphere of university at once. At first glance it seemed to us that we have arrived to the business center, but then it became clear, that the lectures are held in the modern futuristic building. Benevolent managers of the program of students’ mobility have met us with a great hospitality, and I have forgotten about the fatigue of long and exhausting flight.

Within ten days we attended trainings and lectures on the international business and marketing. The last course of lectures has been devoted to business etiquette, and the lecturer who was an ambassador of South Korea worked in this position for more than twelve years. He managed to visit almost all countries worldwide; personally had dinner with presidents of world powers. Isn’t it surprising?

After passing the subjects attestation, the second block of the program, cultural and historical, has started. We managed to see South Korea from all sides: we visited five cities, ethno-villages, megalopolises, tourist centers and also the largest manufacturing enterprises and techno parks of Korea. The Hyundai Company has opened their doors for us, they showed us not only how cars are collected, but also the biggest in the world sea tankers.

Korea is an amazing country, with unusual culture and traditions, and their cuisine fully delivers a peculiar exotic. What at first glance seems to be sweet is actually sour-salty, and pickles can be luscious and sweet. If you ask me to give advice about what to take with you to Korea, I would advise you to take more black or green tea. It was the only thing we missed in cold and rainy winter weather.

I am grateful to this incredible opportunity not only because the fact that I have received a huge stock of knowledge, impressions, and expanded the horizons of my attitude. I am grateful to this opportunity the most because in this trip I had a chance to get acquainted with …. wonderful people: students with whom we studied in one university, but never faced together. We got acquainted in one thousand kilometers from our hometown. Each of us enjoyed a lot of adventures and personal changes during the trip. We became close friends and after return to Almaty, we continue to support friendly relationships...

There are a lot of words, metaphors, epithets in language …, but it is very important to pick up such word which will manage to unite so many contrasts, emotions, impressions and knowledge in one general picture. Likewise in life there are a lot of events, cities, people, but it is very important to note the moments, which enormously influence the person’s identity and his attitude.


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