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Educational grants for disabled people


The winners of competition 2015 on receiving educational grants of Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation for young people with disabilities

Zhumagulova Zhanerke

Zhumagulova Zhanerke is from Almaty city. Her family consists of four people: grandmother, two elder brothers and Zhanerke. Three years ago Zhanerke lost her mother and the guardianship over children was transferred to her grandmother. Doctors diagnosed the hyperkinetic form of cerebral palsy; Zhanerke is a graduate of special correctional boarding school for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system №2. From school time she is fond of bead weaving, needle felting, carpet weaving, she also visited swimming section and likes to play volleyball and basketball. Zhanerke is modern and vigorous girl, she wants to keep up with the times and to master the profession of programmer. Selecting a profession, Zhanerke had to consider her physical features, and as the programmer profession does not require hard physical activities, she decided to realize herself in the field of digital technologies. Zhanerke thinks that people who know of algorithms used in programming are able to find a solution of any difficult life problems. Zhanerke chose Kazakh-Turkish College and she is intended to work hard in order to become a certified specialist, to be financially independent and help her relatives.


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