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The winners of competition 2015 on receiving educational grants in the name Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation for graduates of schools and colleges from needy families and orphanages


Amirtay Dariya

Dariya was born at Kordai village, Zhambyl region, in a huge family and she is the eldest out of four children. She has finished Kazakh-Turkish Accounting and Economics College with a specialization "accounting and audit". Dariya is very active and positive person and she cannot sit on one's hand when many interesting events are appearing around her. She considers the perseverance as a core, which leads her to achieve goals in life. Dariya recognizes that the persistence of her character is not akin to stubbornness. On the contrary, when it is necessary or when there is a good reason, she may change her point of view. Dariya is friendly and sociable person and she always tries to avoid conflicts, often acting as a conciliator between conflicting parties. She appreciates people's ability to find a common language, since conversation is an important means of communication, with a help of which people get to know each other. Dariya always tries to learn as much as possible about the chosen profession; she also participates in different contests and projects. She took part in a contest of business ideas, won the diploma for participation in Republican Physics and Mathematics Competition, and, moreover, she has trained at School of business fundamentals. After graduating from the university, Dariya plans to implement the idea, which she bears for a long time - to make high-quality translations of economic books from English to Kazakh language, because during the study time she felt a shortage of qualitative learning materials in the official language for students of economics. Even she got a good foundation of knowledge in the College; she realizes that it is not enough to become the best accountant-specialist and useful citizen of Kazakhstan. Dariya may realize this dream by becoming the first winner of the grant of the Yerzhan Tatishev's Foundation.


Kalibekov Darkhan

Darkhan was born on a bright spring day in 1998 at Ayagoz city. Darkhan has three family members: mother, elder brother and Darkhan himself. His father has passed away when Darkhan was only 4 years old, and since that time his mother has grown up the children alone. Darkhan tells about his mother’s merits with a huge gratitude and is proud of the fact that she was able to save their family’s integrity. She has also managed to instill such leadership skills as sense of purpose, persistence to changes, confidence in their decisions and faithfulness to goals. During the school time, being a pupil of sixth grade, Darkhan aimed to enter the Eastern Kazakhstan regional specialized Kazakh-Turkish lyceum for gifted children in Semey city. This thought kept him on the alert – he understood that the brightest perspectives will be opened for him, therefore he made big efforts in order to step up into the new world with new possibilities. His life in lyceum was colorful and the next five years he remembers as breaking and crucial. Darkhan had to rethink and recognize a lot of things, work on him, temper his nature, and work on his own result. Because of patience, hard-working and persistence, Darkhan finished his school with the best grades. During the study, Darkhan showed himself not only as a clever student, but also he was engaged in Judo, and is equally interested in humanitarian and technical sciences. Moreover, he develops his English and Turkish language on his own, actively participates in debates; also, he took part in regional Olympiad on geography. Leadership skills were used by Darkhan during his school time when he was a monitor of the class, and later as a school president. Self-organization and persistence are those qualities, which pushed him on desirable direction: after entering the lyceum, during one year Darkhan learned Russian language himself and broke down a language barrier. In his seventeen, Darkhan is able to put concrete goals and knows how to reach them. Already now, he sees himself in a row of professional financiers and patriots who will rise up the economy of Kazakhstan on the new qualitative level. Darkhan was able to convince Selection Committee that he really has a high motivation, leadership skills and deserves a grant of the Yerzhan Tatishev’s Foundation.


Magzomova Aruzhan

Aruzhan was born in Uralsk city. She graduated from Nazarbayev intellectual school with physics and mathematics direction. Aruzhan has grown up in a family of art people: her father is an actor; mother is a choreographer who works at Uralsk drama-theatre. Aruzhan has little brother and sister for whom she always attempts to be an example. In 2011, when she studied at 7th grade, she recognized about opening of Nazarbayev intellectual school and she decided to enter it. The main reason of changing her place of study was her desire to get knowledge and experience, step up on a new level of self-development and to be a good example for little brother and sister. Aruzhan independently learns English and replenishes her knowledge, perfectly speaks Kazakh and freely speaks Russian language. After entering NIS, her life has changed, she felt herself as first-grader who had just crossed the threshold of the school. The new school was totally different from old one. Changes have affected her temper and behavior, rising up features of her character, which had never shown before. Fortunately, because of support of her classmates and confederates, she was able to struggle with unfavorable parts of her temper. Aruzhan has grown up in an artistic family, her parents encouraged her to love arts and from the near childhood she dreamt to be realized on a stage. She could realize this desire participating in the various school events. Aruzhan was a part of team-winner which represented Uralsk city on the art-festival that took place among Nazarbayev intellectual schools. Her team won with staging “Uralsk on a wave of history” in the musical genre, and Aruzhan was the main director. In 2014, she took second place on international art contest “Vienna Constellation” in Vienna, Austria. In high school, she got to be interested in history, culture and languages of other nations. Therefore, Aruzhan started to learn English, going far away from school program, and winning lots of Olympiads. Science projects, which were realized by Aruzhan, helped her to determine the sphere in which she wants to develop and grow. The results she achieved during the project pushed her to understand her destination. In her project, Aruzhan explained the reasons of absence of equality between men and women in some Arabic countries, and one of the main reasons, as she guesses, is a woman’s economic addiction from husband and relatives. Aruzhan dreams to be independent in order to care about the future of her relatives, and she is ready to make a lot of effort in order to realize her dream. Aruzhan states that values which she follows coincide with values of the Foundation and she believes that she will be able to justify their trust – to be named as a scholar of Foundation and a student of Almaty Management University.


Uzakov Baurzhan

Baurzhan is a citizen of Taraz city, he is 19 years old. Baurzhan is a single child in a family, therefore his parents tried to create good opportunities for him. He got a strong foundation in a gymnasium, in which he got the main knowledge, which is counted as one of the best schools in the city. In high-school he got to be very successful in mathematics, therefore he decided to enter the college on economics specialization. After he has successfully passed tough entering exams on mathematics, logics and Kazakh language, he became a student of Zhambyl Kazakh-Turkish College of accounting and economics. Recognizing that it was a chance to show his capabilities, he studied a lot, learned the additional material, and tried to participate in a College life. All these efforts brought a lot of results: Baurzhan took the first place on the Republic Olympiad on economics, and also his project was named as “The best social project” in a contest of business ideas “Atameken-Startup”. Since the lessons in College were on English language, he learned this foreign language. Besides that, Baurzhan freely speaks Kazakh, Turkish and Russian languages. His interests are quite various: he is a founder of organizations “Charity club”, “Economic club”, linguistic organization “English Club” and arts club. Baurzhan has a healthy lifestyle and puts himself as an example of the importance of active life position – he does sports taking a part in a Judo competitions. Baurzhan realizes his leadership potential as a class monitor and a candidate to College president position. A group of volunteers, which was created by initiative of Baurzhan, performs as an organizer in many high level events. In his essay, Baurzhan admits that he does not like to lose, but he always derives benefits from losses and makes everything to avoid such mistakes in the future. Life objectives of Baurzhan are about ambition to be a winner and his hard-working to lead to his main dream. He always dreamt about being a highly-qualified specialist who will be able to be an example for youth and work on the development of the republic of Kazakhstan.


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