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Seminars and Masters-classes

Kazakhstan is a country with dynamic economic development that has great potential to become one of the most competitive countries in the world. Financial sector is a mainstream in Kazakhstan economics and recognized to be the best in CIS. However, each success has to be supported and developed, which not possible without highly professional and well qualified human resources. The Foundation initiates program “Seminars and Master-classes” by considering as a baseline idea that best investment is investment into human capital,

Program Goals:

  • Financial and Economical education for students, teachers and specialist;
  • Introduction to successful international practice in sphere of Finance and Economics;
  • Enhancing expertise and knowledge in Finance and Economics.

“Seminars and Master-classes” program provides opportunity to specialists in Finance as well as to teachers and students of financial and economical departments of leading Kazakhstan educational institutions. This Program introduce to successful international experience in world of finance and economics though providing seminars, lectures and master classes conducted by leading international experts.