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Golden Turan

Annually conducted national award of “Altyn Zhyldiz” (Golden Star) is aimed support and stimulate of activities on international level and create competitive environment among press and media of Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan (AJK) that joins all academicians and journalists’ organizations, leading Media of the country. This is the only award in Central Asia that recognizes professionalism and masterpiece in Mass-Media of the Republic and journalists who made great impact in development of Journalism in Kazakhstan. Its goal is to stimulate high level of competitiveness among Mass Media and support local journalist by recognition of the best.

In year of 2006, Bank TuranAlem established new nomination – the prize named after Yerzhan Tatishev “Alyn Turan” (Golden Turan) “For the best publication in economics”. Economical subject is one of the highlighted in Kazakhstan and authors working under this section are have to reflect reality and provide professional analysis. This would help to form right understanding of roles of the financial institutions in economy of the country and society.

New prize “Altyn Turan” was awarded on ceremony of “Altyn Zhulduz”. This ceremony was held in April 2006. Deputy of Chariman of Governing Board of Turan Alem, Yerkin Tarishev awarded Golden Figure of Leopard on base made of natural stone to Andret Skirka, Chief Editor of the Journal “Expert of Kazakhstan”.