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Kentau School

Polytechnic School №16 named after Gagarin in Kentau, South Kazakhstan Oblast

High school №16 named after Gagarin functioning since year of 1969. From its start to the year of 1984, the Director of the school was Mr.Barg – honored educator of Kaz SSR. Since 1970 school works with deep specialization in mathematics.

Since 2000, this school under experimental regime as polytechnic school. In present Prokhorova is a School Director. In November of 2004 school gained status of Polytechnic School with intensive study of subjects of mathematics cycle. School staff is working under scientific methodological subject “Optimum application of educational and methodological approaches in the condition of polytechnic education of students”.

There is 76 teachers and 14 specialists in school. Among of them there are 20 teaches wit Top Category, 20 teachers with I Category and 19 people with II Category. In total in school there are about 1010 students. In years of 2005-2006 there are 57 students graduated school with top grades and quality of knowledge in school graded with 47%. In 2005-2006 there are 67 students graduates and 55 passed CNT test. Common score on CNT in school was 64. There are 23 students enrolled to the universities with grant and 20 students enrolled on commercial basis.

Educational Base

There are in school 32 class rooms including laboratories: study class room – 15, psychologist office, studio – 3 rooms (for work on metal, trees, and other), and 2 computer classes for 25 people with 28 computers.

There is also medical office, dining room for 300 students, sports hall, and library with reading hall with 10 seats, performance hall, and museum dedicated to its student. Yerzhan Tatishev.