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Golden Collection

The idea to recover and restore cinematographic heritage of the Kazakhstan born from practical necessity to save assets of national culture, saving cinematographic heritage of Kazakhstany moviemakers by returning movies of past to our audience. Kazakhstan movies were kept at archives of Gosfilmfond of USSR in Moscow for long times. Old copies of the movies are become wear out and it was not possible to retype them to another video storage types. The project “Golden Collection of Kazakhstan Cinema” was supported by professional and business society – Information Agency “Khabar” and Bank TuranAlem.

According to three side agreement set between National Company “Kazakhfilm” named after Shaiken Aimanov, “Khabar”Agency and the Foundation of the Yerzhan Tatishev with support of JSC “Bank TuranAlem” in a year of 2005 there was conducted restoration works and replication to first ten movies and in year of 2006 there was done twenty more movies completed that now presents the Golden Fund of the “Kazakhfilm” studio.

List of the movies renewed at the first stage of the project:

  1. Djigit Girl (2 series)
  2. Amangeldy
  3. Shot on the Pass of Karash.
  4. The Cruel
  5. Uneasy Morning
  6. Sweet Juice Inside of Grass
  7. Kyz-Zhibek (2 series)
  8. Transsyberian Express
  9. My Name Is Kozha
  10. Stranger, White and Speckled

List of the movies renewed on a second project stage:

  1. Botagoz
  2. Balcony
  3. Alpamys Goes To School
  4. Keep Your Start (Gauhartas)
  5. Secrets Of Madam Wong
  6. The Needle
  7. The Prayers of Leyla
  8. The Song Of Manshuk
  9. Sultan Beybars. Part 1
  10. Sultan Beybars. Part 2
  11. Chasing in steppe
  12. Nonprofessionals
  13. Zhansebil
  14. Life Story of Young Accordion Player
  15. The Woman Of The Day
  16. The Salty River of Childhood
  17. My Sweetheart
  18. Zhamanai
  19. Trizna (Kulager)
  20. The Touch (Fantasy)