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Mission of the Foundation
Contribute to long term sustainable development of Kazakhstan through formation of highly qualified finance professional elite on international level.

Goal of the Foundation:
To become the best Foundation among other private foundations in Kazakhstan and to be a role model for them.

Primary Values:

  • Social Responsibility;
  • Sustainability, Efficiency, and Quality;
  • Transparency and Justice;
  • Best Practices.

The Foundation aspired to:

  • Support in formation of talented and ambitious youth by providing grants and stipends for education in top international and Kazakhstan academic institutions.
  • Design and implement educational programs, realization financial-economical and other projects, which aimed to enhance educational system of Kazakhstan on international level.
  • Provide financial, technical and other support to non-commercial and non-profit organizations focused on social issues and issues of development of science, culture, public health and education.
  • Provide financial, technical and other support to poor and low income people
  • Provide consulting services, information support and other activities responding to major goals and objectives of the Foundation.