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Автор: Author: Nurlan Sakhanov
President of "Neonomad" consulting company

Expert opinion
Education as a key development resource of the country

Do the Kazakh elite understand the strategic importance of the education system on a global scale? I think so. In any case, I would like to believe.

The process of globalization complicates human civilization exponentially making it more complex, multi-dimensional and very dynamic control system year by year. Efforts of one powerful state to maintain a delicate balance in the global development is not enough. We need collective action and responsibility. This fact is recognized by all world top-20 major States. Kazakhstan may actively participate in shaping the new collective leadership and able to take responsibility for global development at the regional level due to its geo-economic and geopolitical weight in Central Eurasia. But first need to understand the real causes of crisis in the world today and identify key issues that impede sustainable development of our Republic, the region and the international community as a whole.

Any anthropogenic disasters related to the collapse of social, economic or technical systems have one key root cause - human ignorance, incompetence and arrogance. Financial self-interest of developed and developing countries and economic inertia easily fit into the limited consciousness model.

The current global crisis indicates the inadequacy of the international education system, since it has failed to fully prepare the managerial elite to the challenges it had met this autumn. Kazakhstan's educational system is far from ideal model. The focal point of our leadership ambitions is to become a large-scale modernization of the educational infrastructure. The republic has a unique opportunity to organize globally competitive production of intelligent products at this moment.

Kazakhstan can and should create a powerful scientific and educational industry for production management and technical elites of Central Eurasia, able to shape new standards and principles of country and regional development. This is the one option to avoid or at least minimize the effects of global cataclysms.

Developing countries are focusing on the production of industrial and agricultural goods, while the developed countries are employed in the production of new knowledge and technologies. Technologies run out and their disability to produce includes under-developed countries in the methodological trap, increasing their economic dependence from developed nations. Exit the methodological impasse is possible only if the own intellectual production is made, and it involves the educational and research world class centers creation and development.

Even more precise way indication of gaining real, not imaginary economic and financial sovereignty, are statements of modern social philosophers about need not only knowledge and production technologies also a man capable to generate. Thus, Kazakhstan needs intelligent factory of adequate people on its internal structure a complex and ambiguous process that flow and will result in a global civilization of the future. In this connection, it is also worth mentioning that modern education is the future of Kazakhstan, created by educated people that are formed in an ongoing educational process. That is why the real process control level of development of the country, the region and the world is education policy, all other problems of modern civilization from economics to politics is merely a derivative and its consequence.

Today our country has faced new global challenges instigated by the world financial crisis and geopolitical uncertainty in Central Eurasia. The best analysts of the leading world countries tries to understand the root causes of the crisis and to offer national Governments and international institutions effective ways out of the situation. Kazakh scientists also get caught up in the worldwide process of finding optimum ways of overcoming crisis in the domestic and global economy. The main problem of expert circles of different States is not just a model of sustainable development for national economies, but also definition of the ideal settings for the global economic system as a whole, because in the modern world, individual action is ineffective strategy.


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