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Frequently Asked Questions – Disabled people

If I become the winner of the educational grants of Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation, does this mean automatic enrollment into my selected institution?

The Foundation provides only educational grant on tuition. We look at other criteria than an educational institution under our selection. Therefore, the admission and enrollment in an educational institution is independent from us. At the same time applying for a grant, you should clarify the entrance process in your chosen educational institution.

Whether applications on extramural education are considered? Many young people with disabilities cannot attend school every day and the variant for them only to study by correspondence.

At the present time the Foundation does not support extramural education. The Foundation's priority is to enable young people to receive full-time education.

Some people with disabilities are free from passing UNT at entry, is it necessary to pass it for participation into the Foundation program?

If the educational institution, where you plan to entry, ready to accept students without UNT, you will have the right not to pass it. The requirements for entering into institution are not important for the Foundation. It is important that you have been officially enrolled in an educational institution that is the basis for giving educational grant for Foundation fellows.

If I have a 3 disability group, temporarily, can I participate in the contest?

The Foundation supports young people who have a disability at least until graduation. If you are not sure that your group disability will leave, we have not been able to consider your application.

Some documents are very difficult to obtain (for example, reference from traffic police, BTI, evaluation documents) and we don't have time to prepare all the paperwork in time. What do we do?

In rare cases, we can give an extra little time to gather the necessary documents. In this case, before the end of the application you must submit an application together with primary documents. This does not mean that the Foundation is ready to provide you with an additional period of time in any case. This fact is recorded and can be affected adversely in the selection process.

How the preliminary rounds of the context are going?

1 round of the contest is held in absentia, based on an analysis of all the available documents. It also takes into account whether a package is formed completely or not. The winners of 1st round are invited to 2nd tour, which takes place in the form of an interview with the applicant. 2nd tour is not a test to determining the level of academic achievement. From the interview we want to see how the applicant is ready to learn, ready to overcome difficulties in learning, purposeful, clearly knows needs of education. The final list of winners is approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Can students of secondary specialized educational institutions to participate in the contest?

Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation accepts fellows in its program starting only from 1 course. If you wish to apply for Foundation grant, you will have to begin your education from 1 course.

Will the Foundation accept applications for educational grant to pay the remaining courses of my tuition?

Under the terms the Foundation accepts fellows in its program starting only from 1 course. Therefore, we do not consider applications from students to pay the remaining courses.

What fellow’s costs cover the Foundation?

If you become the winner of the competition and become our fellow, the Fund pays costs related to your learning such as: full payment of the education term (on the basis of a contract between the institution, fellow and the Foundation), the payment of monthly stipends, accommodation in a hostel, home transportation and back once a year for nonresidents. Also helps to find well as a job after graduation.

Why the Foundation requires providing the entire list of documents on each family member?

One of the important criteria for the selection of fellows is the financial situation of the family. To assess this criterion Fund analyzes income and property status of each family member (including children over the age of 18). Each adult family member must submit these documents for financial analysis. Obligatory to submit income certificate and an extract from the Pension Fund, which confirms this reference. If you are unable to submit a certificate of income, since man is not actually working, but he also is not registered as unemployed. In these cases, we follow the rules – to consider only official documents. If you cannot submit a certificate, we do not consider that the man does not work.

Can I participate in the context, if I already have had secondary specialized education?

You have the rights to participate in the competition, but the preference will be given to those who haven’t had secondary specialized education and haven’t been studied at any course in the institution during the competition.

I have entered into institution by myself, so, can I submit documents on the grant, if time for passing document has been ended?

The competition includes only those applicants who applied beforehand under the terms of the program. Therefore, even if you were enrolled in an educational institution by yourself, and are looking for funding now, we cannot consider your application. Documents for participation in the competition are passed in advance, in some cases, prior to the school's admissions office. We adhere to this rule because we believe that a purposeful person thinks over his future and looking for opportunities in advance for the implementation of their goals. Therefore, the competitive selection process in our Foundation runs parallel with the process of admission to the educational institution. Moreover, the Fund is not responsible for the enrollment of a candidate on the grant of an educational institution. If the winner of our program is not admitted in the educational institution, he is automatically excluded from the program.

Does this mean that submitted application on the grant in Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation automatically sent into my indicated institution and I haven’t needed to send documents to this institution additionally?

The Fund is responsible only for the selection of fellows, which in case of victory in the competition can guarantee the payment of costs related to education. But admission to the school is the responsibility of the applicant. All questions linked with admission into the educational institution should be addressed directly to the school. Even if you are the winner of our program, but do not enroll in school (had no time to apply, have not passed the competition and other) you excluded from the program.

How I will know about the competition results?

Only the winners of the last round of the competition will be notified by phone and/or email. The applicants, who haven’t gone to the final, can get results only by asking directly regional representative, through whom the application was filed or to the administrator of the program. The names of the winners are posted on the website of the Foundation program.

Is it possible to submit documents for the competition without real estate and car appraisal or without any other documents?

You have the right to submit an incomplete set of documents and your application will be considered. But in this case, you lose your points, thereby reducing chance of success. Also, the fact that a full set of documents will be taken into consideration in the selection process and this will strongly influence the final decisions at each stage of the selection process.

My family and I actually live in another city, not at the place of residence registration. Therefore, cannot get the family members and real estate availability certificates. How can we be?

In any case, all the documents are obligatory for submission to the Fund. In the selection process the Fund looks at and considers only the official documents, as we do not have the resources to study the situation of each of the contenders.

Is it possible to take part in the competition after the deadline?

Unfortunately, not. If you miss the deadline, you have no rights to participate in the following competition rounds. All applications and accompanying documents are carefully examined and analyzed. The whole competitive process is on schedule. Therefore, we need to receive all applications strictly by a certain date. In addition, ethics should be observed for other participants that have filed documents in time.