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Honoring ceremony of 2016 year's graduates

May 26 of 2016 held the annual Honoring ceremony of 2016 year's graduates. The event held under the hospitable shanyrak of our friends and partners, Almaty Management University. Fellows of the Foundation, who passed through the competitive selection in 2012 and 2013, now become certified specialists. This year we were honoring our nine graduates of educational programs of the Foundation. Albert Vorontcov, Anastasiya Pirogova, Arina Shkelikhina, Zhanna Zhumagulova, Mukhtar Lekerov, Nurzhan Kulshebayev finished their education on the Program of educational grants for graduates of schools, colleges and orphanages and received baccalaureate diplomas on financial-economic specialties. Antonina Suvorkina, Dina Sultangaliyeva and Gulmaira Bekbolatkyzy received middle-special education on the Program of educational grants for young disabled people. Chairman of the Board of Trustees and founder of the Foundation, Erkin Nureldayemovich Tatishev, representatives of KIMEP University, Almaty Management University, Suleiman Demirel University and the closest friends of the Foundation came to congratulate the graduates.

Guests of the Ceremony and graduates themselves remembered events four years ago, watching the video with photos from the qualifying round, where they were only grant pretenders, and from the Ceremony of congratulation of competition's finalists, when they became the part of Foundation's community. Being the pretenders on Foundation's grant, they have passed through the thorough selection and proved that they deserve the rank "the best of the best". During each session they demonstrated high indicators of education progress, participated in social life of their universities, contributed to development of volunteer work and became an active part of the student youth. Every fellow of the Foundation receives the key to successful life - knowledge. Guys gave the start to the new tradition - as the sign of their appreciation to the Foundation for the opportunity to receive such a valuable resource, each of them presented their lovely book to the Foundation's library.

To wish the bright road and professional success the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Founder of the Foundation, Erkin Tatishev, representatives of partner educational institutions: KIMEP grant manager, Alima Dostiyarova, Vice-rector on academic issues of AlmaU, Nurzhamal Duisenkulova and Coordinator on external connections of SDU, Enes Kurtai. Also among speakers were representatives of Kusto Group, Talgat Turumbayev, Elinvest Group, Gulbany Akbalayeva, "Shyrak" women Association, Zakhira Begaliyeva.

One of the last accords of the celebration was bright parting wish, bata from the representative of the parents, Salimgerei ata, after which the President of the Foundation, Dana Zharikova said closing speech. Dana Zhenisovna expressed her gratitude to the Board of Trustees for their support, partners for their fruitful partnership, and wished the graduates big professional success. The ceremony was finished with traditional launch of lightning candle, the symbol of kindness, good intentions and involvement into our Foundation’s activity.


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