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Educational Grant Program for Undergraduate Degree


Goal of the Program is to identify and support best students in finance and economics, who has bright leadership skills and aspired to gain knowledge. Final goal is to form financial and economist professionals elite of Kazakhstan that would assist to develop and build up market mechanisms and liberal democratic society.

There are invited to apply high school and college graduates from low income families that are interested to study at Almaty Management University (ALMAU), KIMEP University, and Suleyman Demirel University (SDU).

Educational Grants of the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation are awarded based on contest results that are focused on leadership skills of the candidate, academic knowledge and success as well as personal characteristics.

Educational Grant award covers full study period. Amount of the grant is annually reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. At the moment of awarding Educational Grant, three side agreement between student, University and the Foundation will be signed.

Documents for educational Grant, Undergraduate program can be submitted in Russian or Kazakh languages.
Before submitting applications for Educational Grant Program, please read carefully the criteria, rules and regulations of the procedures provided here. If provided information is untrue or the forms were filled incorrectly, these applications are not going to be reviewed.


1. Educational Grant Program of the Foundation provides opportunity for students of undergraduate programs to study at Almaty Management University (ALMAU), KIMEP University, and Suleyman Demirel University (SDU).

2. This program provides opportunity to study for citizens of Kazakhstan.

3. For Educational Grant Undergraduate Program graduates of high schools and colleges that are willing to study at Almaty Management University (ALMAU), KIMEP University, and Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) and satisfying of criteria of the Program are eligible.

4. Selection process of candidates for Undergraduate Program includes three rounds:

1st round - preliminary selection of the candidates based on submitted application. Based on results of the 1st round list of candidates will be compiled.

2nd round – at this stage selection process conducted among listed candidates included in the list after 1st round.

3rd round – final consideration and approve list of the finalists conducted by Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

5. Relatives of the Foundation Staff and members of the Board are not eligible to apply. Relatives considered being: parents, children, uncles and aunties, siblings and cousins, nephews and nieces.

6. Number of educational grants and budget are defined by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation annually.

7. Educational Grant is paid partly for one academic year and can be prolonged, if the student shows good academic results and is active social life.

8. Educational Grant covers only study years at university. If student takes academic break, drops school, transfers to other universities including under exchange program, grant payment is going to be stopped.

9. At transfer of grantee student from one specialty to another, transfer of university, or even dismissal, then grant is going to be passed to another potential candidate from waiting list. The waiting list is formed during selection process along with the list of the finalists.

10. The Foundation can request from the partner Universities additional information and documentations. Also University must inform the Foundation about the grantee student.

11. The Foundation has the right to double check provided information and dismisses any student for information falsification.

12. The Program does not discriminate applicants based on race, religion, sexual orientation and incompetence. The selection procedure based on assessment and is open to anybody responding to the Program criteria.

13. The Foundation has a right to not provide information on reasoning and motives for decisions taken on candidate’s selection in Education Grant Program.

14. The Foundation does not provide information and consultation on enrolment and admission to Universities.

Educational Grant covers following expenses:

  • Tuition Fees;
  • Monthly stipend;
  • Housing for students from other cities;
  • Round trip once in a year (for students from other regions Kazakhstan and citizens of other countries)

Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation does not provide any financial support to family members of the participants.

Applicants responsibility
Grantees should keep up academic excellence and standards of enrolled university and should complete studies in given years. Not meeting academic and professional requirements of the universities can be a reason to stop grant support.


To obtain Educational Grant for Undergraduate Program, candidates must apply to the Foundation for participation in contest at the same time with enrollment to chosen University*. Application form, selection criteria and list of required documents can be received in the office of the Foundation located at Baizakov Street 125, office #309, Almaty, Kazakhstan, or website of the Foundationwww.tatishevfoundation.com as well as at admission committee at listed universities – partners of the program.

*List of universities – partners of the Foundation for Undergraduate Program includes:

1) Almaty Management University (ALMAU),

2) KIMEP University,

3) Suleyman Demirel University (SDU).

Selection process for Educational Grant of the Foundation adheres to following criteria:

Leadership potential
Applicants to Educational Grant should have exclusive leadership skills demonstrated in various areas of life. Leadership potentials of applicants assessed by selection committee based on information about applicant’s experience and/or achievements in school or work exposed in essay, also presented in recommendations letters by teachers, supervisors or instructors.

Academic excellence
Selection committee evaluates knowledge and academic capacity basing on high school certification, results of Unified National Test² (UNT) and language skills (TOEFL, IELTS)³. Analytical skills of applicants as well as their capacity to develop theories and concept thinking are valued especially by the selection committee.

2UNT results should be provided by citizens of Kazakhstan. Citizens of other countries should provide certificate or diploma of high school graduation.
3If applicant already have passed IELTS and/or TOEFL, they should provide test(s) certificate(s) with results. If applicants do not have such certificates, then chosen ones will be invited to complete test KEET (KIMEP English Entrance Test).
Personal characteristics

Selection committee considers personal characteristics that can help to understand applicants’ potential to achieve professional and career goals. Candidates should possess high moral and ethical values and be respected by people around.

Criteria points:

  1. Motivation and leadership skills (based on essay and interview) – 25 points;
  2. Financial situation – 15 points;
  3. Academic excellence – 25 points;
  4. English Language skills (IELTS – minimum 6.5 , TOEFL – not less then 550, KEET – not less then 71 points) – 15 points;
  5. Awards for achievements– 5 points;
  6. Recommendation letters – 5 points.

Criteria of comparison:

  1. Active participation in social and public life – 5 points;
  2. Regional4 (applicants from regions have better advantage rather then inhabitants of Almaty or Astana) – 5 points;

4 This criteria only for citizens of Kazakhstan.


To apply for the undergraduate grant program there should be submitted following documents:

  1. Completed Application form;
  2. Copy of first page of identifying document (such as passport, national ID or birth certificate);
  3. Essay. Essay should include (a) short autobiography with description of your strengths and weaknesses, professional and career goals, and social activities, (b) statement of why you are interested to apply and how you are willing to apply gained knowledge;
  4. Notarially certified copy of high school graduation certificate. If applicant did not receive it yet, then he/she can provide copies of transcripts for 9th, 10th grades and three semesters of 11th. If applicant will be chosen for semifinal, copy of high school graduation certificate should be submitted after receiving it. All copies should be legally notified;
  5. Copy if certificate of Unified National Test (UNT) notarially certified (this point is for Kazakhstan citizens only. Copy of UNT certificate can be provided after completing the test officially);
  6. Recommendation letters (not less then 2);
  7. Documents verifying difficult financial situation of an applicant5;

5 List of the documents required for identification of applicant’s socio-economical status is provided below.
Documents should be filed in order as it is listed. There should be provided also official translation of the documents (if necessary) to Kazakh or Russian. Applicant can not translate and certify documents him-/herself.

Documents can be submitted in Kazakh or Russian languages. Documents should not be sent by email or fax. Also, documents can not be laminated or interlaced. Documents are not going to be returned.

All information should be printed or written in print with black or blue ink. Bind documents as it is listed above. It is required to submit one original file of documents and two its copies with all attachments and additional documentations.

Deadline of submission for Undergraduate Program is April 8, 2016 till 5:00pm. (by Astana time).
List of finalists will be published after end of enrollment and admission processes to applied universities – partners of the Program. For more detailed information on enrolment and admission deadlines of the universities please see on websites:

Filled application form with supporting documents should be brought to the office of the Foundation or post it with note “To Educational Grant for Undergraduate Degree” to following address:

PF «The Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation»
Republic of Kazakhstan
Almaty, 050026
Baizakov Street 125, office #309
Documents sent via e-mail or fax will not be accepted.


  1. Selection rules and regulations for Educational Grant Program, amount of grants to be distributed and budget need to be approved by The Board of Trustees – not later then January 15.
  2. Announcement of the educational grants program – from January 15 to 31.
  3. Receiving the applications for Undergraduate Grant Program till 5 pm., April 8.
  4. Short list of semi-finalists of undergraduate degree is formed– by May 30.
  5. Conduction of 2nd tour – till June 30.
  6. Confirmation of list of finalists by the Board of Trustees – by July 31.
  7. Announcement of the list of grantees of the Program in Mass Media – till August 31.
  8. Awarding the winners and signing the contracts – till August 31.

The Board of Trustees of the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation makes decision on grant awards based on following criteria: academic excellence, high leadership potential, and difficult financial conditions of an applicant. The Foundation builds selection process on basis of transparency, impartiality and objectivity.


  1. Copy of a national ID or birth certificate or passport for all family members/guardian *.
  2. Reference on family or copy of house book. For applicants that registered separately from parents or guardian, reference should be provided both on applicant and on his/her parents or guardians.
  3. Document from BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) certifying availability/absence of any real estate for all adult family members/guardians.*
  4. Document from BTI reflecting the current market value of all real estate owned by any family member/guardians, if any (document should be issued not earlier then January 2009).
  5. Document from Traffic Authorities certifying the availability/absence of the transportation device owned by any adult family members/guardians.*
  6. Document with indication of current market value of transportation device owned by any family member/guardians, if any (document should be issued not earlier then January 2009).
  7. Document certifying the amount of a monthly salary/ income for the period of one year and statement from Personal Pension Account certifying pension deductions for the period from January to December 2008 for each adult family member.*
  8. Statement from Personal Pension Account certifying pension deductions for the period from January to December 2008.
  9. If parents have own business the following documents should be submitted: document certifying their registration in Tax Committee; Income Declaration for the period from January to December 2008.
  10. If parents are unemployed, a document from Labor and Social Care Office certifying their social status must be submitted (document should be issued not earlier then January 2009).
  11. If there is a physically disabled family member, the medical certificate from Medical Labor Expertise Committee should be submitted.
  12. If parents are pensioners by age or disability, copy of pension ID and certificate from Pension Payment Center reflecting the amount of pension (the certificate from the Center should be issued not earlier than January 2009).
  13. In case of divorce, single parenthood or death of one/both parents, a documents certifying such facts must be submitted.

* It is important to submit documents on siblings of applicant younger then 21. All documents must be provided in original or certified notarially. It is acceptable to submit copies of the documents along with originals. Any applicant if provides falsified information or documents will be excluded from the Program.


  1. Please respond to ALL questions of the Application.
  2. Write your first name, last name and middle name fully as it is written in your Passport or ID.
  3. Please provide all possible contact information, including country code and code of your region. Provide present contact so the Foundation staff or selection committee members would be able to contact you.
  4. Do not leave empty lines.
  5. All information should be printed or written in print with black ink.