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Goal of the program – to identify and support young disabled people, having active position in life, striving to overcome barriers, mastering specializations and using gained knowledge and skills in later work.

Final goal of the program is to provide support to young disabled form low income families in accessing education in professional lyceums, specialized schools, colleges, and institutions of higher education (further – institutions), which will later be a fundament for their employment.

Educational grants of Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation (further - Foundation) in the person of Administrator of the Foundation in this program – Public Association “Association of Disabled Women “Shyrak” are awarded basing on results of the competition, which are based, in their turn, on identifying abilities and academic knowledge of the candidate, and his/her personal characteristics.

Educational grant is given for all period of education. Amount of the grant is considered and approved by Board of Trustees of the Foundation annually. In case of awarding the educational grant, three-side agreement between student, institution and Administrator of the program will be signed.

Documents for the educational grant can be submitted in Kazakh or Russian language.

Before submitting the documents for educational grant, candidates must familiarize with the criteria and procedures of the program, stated in this document. In case of untruthful information or not careful organizing the documents, candidates will not be allowed to take part in the competition.


  1. Educational grants are established for students of professional lyceums, specialized schools, colleges and schools of higher education, public and private, working on the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Candidates must satisfy following criteria:
    • Republic of Kazakhstan citizenship;
    • disability;
    • middle level education (common educational level);
    • not more than 29 years old (when applying);
    • difficult financial situation.
  3. Selection is implemented in three stages:
    1st stage– selection is based on provided documents. According to the results of 1st round list of selected candidates will be made.
    2nd stage – is conducted among candidates, who passed the 1st stage and had been added to the list. Candidates will be invited for the interview with selection committee in the office of regional representative, where the candidate has applied. The final list will be made.
    3rd stage – considering and approval of the list of finalists by Board of Trustees of the Foundation.
  4. Nearest relatives of the Administrator, Foundation staff and members of Board of Trustees are not allowed to take part in the competition. Relatives being: parents, children, aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins, nephews and nieces.
  5. Number of educational grants and their amount are defined by the management of the Foundation annually. Educational grant is given for the education period not longer than 3 years.
  6. Educational grant is paid out partly for each academic year. Next year will be paid for in case if grantee shows good results in academics and public life.
  7. In case of dismissal of the grantee from the institution, or in case of transfer to another specialization or in another institution, grant will be given to another student from the waiting list. Waiting list will be formed along with final list of the winners.
  8. Administrator of the program can request additional information or documents from the institution and the institution must immediately inform Administrator of any changes concerning grantees of Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation.
  9. Administrator of the program has right to check the provided information and exclude from the program any student, in case of untruthful information.
  10. Competition is based on the assessment of the characteristics and is open for all citizens of Kazakhstan, satisfying the criteria of the program.
  11. Administrator of the program does not consult or provide information on the entering the institutions.
  12. Foundation and the Board of Trustees has right not to inform about the motives and reasons of taken decisions concerning candidates for the educational grants.

Educational grant covers:

  • Cost of the education;
  • Monthly stipend;
  • Housing for the students form other cities.

Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation does not provide any support to the families of the grantees.

Responsibilities of the participants

Grantees must keep up to academic standards of the institution and complete full education course inside the framework of the program. Non-conformity to the professional standards can be a reason of stopping grant support.


To receive the educational grant candidates must submit the application form, adding all the required documents to the Administrator of the program, or its regional representatives in order to take part in the competition (see contacts of the Administrator and regional representatives).Application form, criteria of the selection, list of required additional documents can be receive in offices of the Administrator and its regional representatives or on the site of the Foundation: www.tatishevfoundation.kz

When considering the applications for the grant, Foundation keeps to following criteria:

Academic knowledge and abilities for studying

Selection committee assesses the knowledge and academic abilities of the candidate basing on high school leaving certificate and results of the Unified National Test (UNT).

Candidates, having finished or still studying in educational organizations, in which final attestation is not UNT, will be assessed according to the results of high school leaving certificate.

Leadership potential and personal characteristics

Applicants for the educational grants should strive for independent life, bright leadership and high moral and ethic qualities, and be respected by surrounding people.

Personal characteristics of the applicants are assessed by the selection committee, basing on the interview, information on life experience and/or their achievements in studying or social life, stated in the essay and recommendations of the teachers, instructors and tutors.


  1. Motivation and leadership qualities (according to the results of analysis of the essay and interview) - 30 points;
  2. Academic knowledge – 30 points;
  3. Financial situation – 20 points;
  4. Awards – 5 points;
  5. Recommendation letters – 5 points;

Comparison criteria:

  1. Participation in social life – 5 points;
  2. Region (representative of the region has advantage over those from Astana or Almaty) – 5 points.


To take part in the program following documents must be provided:

  1. Completed application form (original and 2 copies);
  2. Copy of the first page of the ID (national ID), or passport, or birth certificate);
  3. Copy of the disability reference from official medico-social expert commission (MSEC);
  4. Essay, including:
    а) short autobiography with illustration of your strong and weak qualities, experience of overcoming the problems related to disability, professional and carrier goal, extracurricular activities;
    б) statement on why you are applying for this program and how you will use gained knowledge.
  5. Copy of the high school leaving certificate.
  6. Copy of the UNT certificate (after the official examination). Copy must be certified by blue seal of the school.
    Applicants, having finished or still studying in educational organizations, where final attestation is not UNT, must not submit the certificate;
  7. Documents proving difficult financial situation*.

*List of the documents needed to identify social-financial status of the applicant is given below.

The set of the documents should be formed in the order as it is listed above.

Documents can be provided in Russian or Kazakh language. Documents cannot be sent by e-mail or fax, and also cannot be laminated or interlaced. Documents will not be returned.

All the information must be printed or written in print with blue ink. Original and two copies of the application with all attachments should be provided.

Deadline for submitting the documents: till 5PM, April 30, 2017.

Final list of the grantees will be published after the entrance to the institutions.


  1. Reference from the social support organization of the fact that applicant or his/her family is receiving social support or any other kind of social help as low income family/person.

In case if applicant has difficult financial situation, but is not receiving social support or any other kind of social help as low income family/person, s/he must submit following documents:

  1. Reference about the number of people in the family or copy of the house book*.
  2. Reference from the employment place about the income of all adult members of the family*.
  3. If there are unemployed among adult members of the family, document from the Employment Center, proving their social status must be provided (issued not earlier than in the last month)*.
  4. If there are pensioners by age and/or disabled among adult members of the family, copies of the pensioner ID and/or reference from MSEC must be provided*.
  5. Document from BTI, certifying presence of absence real estate for every adult member of the family*.
  6. Reference or document from BTI reflecting current market cost of all registered real estate (issued not earlier than in the last month/

*Providing documents on siblings of the applicant younger than 21 years inclusively. All the documents must be original. In case if not, applicant must provide notary certified copies of abovementioned documents. Any applicant, providing false information/documents, will be excluded from the program.





Approval of rules and procedures of the selection process for the educational grants, number and amount of grants on the session of the Board of Trustees.

Till February, the 20th


Announcement of the educational grants program

Till February, the 28th


Receiving the application forms for the educational grant

Till 5 p.m. of April, the 30rd


Formation of the list of the candidates

Till May, the 31st


Conducting the 2nd round

Till June, the 30th


Receiving the additional documents from applicants selected for the 3rd round. Formation of the list of finalists

Till 5 p.m. of July, the 31st


Approval of the final list of the winners by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation

Till August, the 20th


Announcement of the list of grantees in mass media

Till August, the 31st


Awarding the winners, signing the agreement

Till August, the 31st


  1. Please, answer ALL question of the application form, like in your documents.
  2. Write your last name, given name, patronymic in full, like in your passport.
  3. Indicate all contact information, including telephone number and area code. Indicate all contacts, by which Administrator staff or selection committees’ members can contact you.
  4. All the information should be printed or written in print in black ink.